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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Kerry, A Liar? No Way!! -

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Thursday, March 25, 2004
The Blame Game -

Blah, blah, blah. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about the damn Richard Clarke thing. Even if the guy was credible and the Bush administration cut back on anti-terrorism in the beginning of his term, it makes no difference today. Had he went after bin Laden earlier, he would have been chastised for doing so. Bush couldn't have justified it to the dems then like he can't now. They criticize him now for not acting earlier, yet criticize him for acting now.

On a similar note, John Kerry picked the perfect time to go on vacation. Coincidence? I think not. I think that his advisors knew about this Clarke thing and scheduled Kerry's vacation during the fiasco. Notice that he wasn't willing to comment on the situation until he "read Clarke's whole book"? The timing is brilliant. Clarke's book is published a month early and Kerry takes vacation to lay low and let the press blow up over this thing. Also, if Clarke really thought that it was important that the American public know this information, why would he wait until his book was published?

Ahh, regardless, the blame game that's being played over the 9/11 commission is silly. September 11th happened. Hindsight is 20/20. We should move on and make sure that it never happens again.
Monday, March 22, 2004
Off With His Head -

Israel assassinated Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin early this morning. Here is an article that tells us of the Palestinian's immediate reaction.

"Hamas leaders vowed Monday to "cut off" the head of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. "Sharon has opened the gates of hell and nothing will stop us from cutting off his head," leaders of the radical Islamic group vowed.

"Words cannot describe the emotion of anger and hate inside our hearts," said Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh, a close associate of Yassin in Gaza. He said that "the enemy should expect a response that will turn the ground under his feet to hell ... All of Palestine will turn into a volcano that will burn up the enemies."

Maybe that's the whole problem. Maybe that's why Israelis are building a wall. Maybe the "anger and hate inside (y)our hearts" is why Israel assassinated Yassin.

This almost sounds reminiscent of today's lefties and their double-standards-- "it's okay if we kill hundreds your citizens, but it's not right if you kill our political leader" sounds a lot like "it's okay for me to kill my unborn baby, but it's not right if you put a murderer to death in Texas". [Not that I'm specifically for the death penalty-- that is an issue I have yet to decide on]
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Guess Where This Site Is Headed! -

Are you damned?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

You have been naughty. You are the sort of person who used to pull off the wings and legs of flies when you were a child, and giggle at the black speck that remained. Evil is written right through you like 'Blackpool' through a stick of rock. You malingering deviant. Prepare for eternal damnation. You deserve it.

I got this here.
Conscientious Nitwits -

G.I. Seeks Conscientious Objector Status

Two GIs in Iraq Seek Objector Status

Should these soldiers be given conscientious objector status and be honorably discharged? My answer is NO!!!!!

If these dolts think that they deserve an honorable discharge, they've got another thing coming. If they deserve anything, they deserve a court-martial!! Soldiers join the United States military voluntarily-- there is no draft. These brainless twits should have never joined the military if they object to doing what soldiers do!! It is not their decision to go to war, no matter the reason for the war. It is their contractual duty to follow orders. They signed the fucking papers, they fight the fucking wars.

If there is no consequence for quitting, what would happen to our military? You can't just quit particularly during time of war. The military can't be made up of people who agree with the policies of the administration. It's so like a liberal to want all the benefits and none of the responsibilities.

Did they not have a conscientious ojection to the cruelty going on in pre-war Iraq?

I'm so furious over this issue I could shit a typewriter.
Donde esta el zapataria? -

Is it me or is Zapatero spanish for "shoe maker" or "shoe store" or something?

"Mr. Shoe Maker told a radio interviewer that President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair "will have to engage in reflection and self-criticism... You cannot organize a war with lies.""

I think Mr. Shoehorn should take heed of his own advice.

"Zapatero reiterated that his top priority will be to fight terrorism."

What the hell? This sure sounds familiar. I think he and John F'ing Kerry were seperated at birth.

Check out this link: John Kerry: Liberal Asshat
Happy Green Beer Day! -

Life is a waste of time,
Time is a waste of life,
So get wasted all of the time,
And have the time of your life!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Absurdity -

One reason NOT to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer: WTF?!?!
Monday, March 15, 2004
Socialists Suck -

Spain: Thank you Mr. Al Qaida - or whoever you say you are - for bombing our people.
Terrorists: No problem. It's a good thing for us that you morons didn't learn anything from World War II. Anything else we can do for ya, you let us know, k? *wink*
Spain: Next time we feel the need to show the world we're a bunch of pansies we'll give you a call. Thanks again.
Terrorists: Oh, hey-- mind if we move a few of our terrorist cells in?
Beware the Ides of March -

Surgery went very well. I was worried that I may take a long time coming out of the anesthesia (last time I had surgery it took me about 5 hours to awake) but I was up and on my feet five minutes after they rolled me out. Or maybe I was walked out. I don't remember. There has been very little pain but a lot of dizziness. Luckily I have loving friends and family to take care of me and I'd like to thank all of them (if they read this).

I really haven't had much to complain about (Lord knows I love to complain)-- the incisions look ugly but they'll heal, and the dizziness has subsided. D and I are getting along in our courtship rather well. I'm currently in first place in our Magic tournament at Fortress Games. All-in-all everything is pleasant. Of course, like a sting operation to an unsuspecting john, the Ides of March creep up and ruin all this pleasantness I've been so fortunate to be showered with. Today I woke up to find an unhappy little nerve in my neck pinched.

It's bad, too. I can't turn my head ten degrees. Damn you March 15th, damn you to hell.
Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Oh, My Aching Head -

Well, today's the big day. I go in to have a few veins in my head ligated. Surgery is a bitch. The worst thing about it is the fasting... ...haven't eaten... since midnight... uggh. I'm not too happy about the whole thing.

Since I've last posted on this I've had xrays and a CT scan, not to mention a baker's dozen trips to the doc's office (at $25.00 a pop!). I honestly don't mind, though-- there are some really really hot receptionists and nurses at the clinic.

More to come...
Thursday, March 04, 2004
'Schlager Bomb -

Wisconsin Attourney General Pat Lautenschlager was arrested last week for driving while intoxicated using a state-owned car.

There has been a number of corrupt officials in the state that have been exposed lately and most of them have refused to step down from their position. Likewise, Lautenschlager insists that she must continue her service. In fact, she was quoted saying "I wish everyone would stop talking about it". I bet you would.

Of course, our jackass Governor Jim Doyle is staying out of the situation-- just like a real leader should. If Doyle were any kind of take-action Governor, he'd demand that Lauten"gold"schlager step down from office.

Man, Wisconsin would be so cool if it weren't for its corrupt officials, horribly unpredictable weather, cheeseheads, retarded mayors, lack of high-end audio/video retailers, low legal blood-alcohol levels, high property taxes, fat women, rampant racism, and all the dairyfarm stereotypes. I mean, how many states have a bar on every corner? For crying out loud, in some space-limited areas in Milwaukee there are litearlly pubs on top of bars next to nightclubs. God, I love Milwaukee!!!!
Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Duhh... Better Gimme A Whole Lotta Lumps, Rabbit -

Our nimrod governor Jim Doyle is proposing a raise of the state minimum wage. His reasoning is that we haven't had an increase in minimum wage in over seven years. The current minimum per hour is in the neighborhood of $4.75/hour and would go up to $6.00 by 2005. There is also a clause included that exempts teenagers from the higher wage. Apparently Doyle thinks that this will help the poor and unfortunate. I think the opposite.

Let me tell you what is really does. It hurts businesses by making them pay more in wages, most likely driving prices up and hurting us all. It makes past performance-based wage increases meaningless. This is an indirect form of wealth redistribution and a step, however small, towards communism.

To figure out who will "benefit" from this increase, we obviously have to look at what type of person is making minimum wage and what type of job pays minimum wage. The people who have minimum wage jobs are part-time high school and college students, adults with second jobs, and adults with little or no ambition. These jobs are usually at fast food joints, retail stores, and small businesses. If you ask me, the increase helps nobody.

Jim Doyle thinks that the people who will benefit from this are people who are maybe in their 30's or 40's, down on their luck trying to eke out a living working at Pizza Hut. In actuality, employers at Pizza Hut will know that hiring from this older group of potential employees will cost him more at $6.00 per hour than hiring a high school kid at $4.80 per hour. To top that off, the high school kid is probably stronger, younger and can endure more than his older counterpart.

I will be writing Mr. Doyle an email. He has opposed everything I believe in and I feel he should never be in office again. His reasoning behind all of his decisions befuddles me. To sum it up, the guy is an ig-nor-a-mus.
Tuesday, March 02, 2004
1-900-MIX-A-LOT -

I went to my mailbox in the office this morning to find a small catalog for supplies. This is a pretty common thing; I normally get a few of these a week from different companys wanting me to buy their safety signs, industrial heaters and first-aid kits. Todays was different however. It had an intersting twist-- it said in bold letters "BIG ASS FANS".

How did they know?

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