The Rocketsled to Hell
Monday, December 29, 2003
Return of the King -

I'm baaack!

Much has happened since I last posted. I've seen a few movies, read a book (all of which I will review soon), dated a few girls, and probably did a few other things as well. We're doing inventory at work right now, and since I'm in charge of the warehouse, I'm the man responsible for it all.

I've stopped talking to Maggie (thank God) and Nicky, started seeing more of Casey (although now I think I may be losing interest), and K finally called me!! We went out a few times after she called and we had some real good conversation over dinner, but I'm not sure if we're heading down the friend road or the more-than-friend road. I also met a hottie named Heather that I have yet to call.

Christmas was good. My mother got me a new receiver (of which I was in dire need) and I got some real good CDs and DVDs. I made out like a bandit! My dad really liked the Beatles poster I got him.

I missed an Airsoft game yesterday, but from what my roommate tells me, I didn't miss much save for a whole lot of mud and a bunch of kids cheating all day. Mike (roommate) borrowed my gun and is now completely in love with it. He will be ordering his own soon.

Why is it that old men always pull up their jeans in the back making their guts and asses look big? Example: Santa Claus.

My BIOS is fixed, at least we think it is... I was able to boot windows last night. I gotta remember to cut back on my porn surfing.

The Friday and Saturday Magic touraments I've been running at Fortress Games have recently been overflowing with participants. That is a very good thing for business and pleasure's sakes.

And, last but most certainly not least, Saddam has been caught. I heard today that he's been cooperating with us and gave U.S. officials names of people in (of all places) Iran, Libya, FRANCE and GERMANY.
Friday, December 12, 2003
Crime in Italy -

Sheesh, I haven't posted since last month. Thank you, Mr. Computer Virus, you've successfully crashed my BIOS, forcing me to post from work.

The other day I was shopping for a new Christmas Tree at a local garden center called Stein's (Oh, the irony!). I selected the perfect artificial mountain pine and trimmings and proceeded to the front counter, merchandise in hand. Now, the aisles in this particular Stein's are very narrow and inadequate for the December rush of shoppers. So when I noticed that some careless buffoon had left their shopping cart in the middle of aisle 5, blocking the path of a wheelchair-bound woman, I quickly cleared the lane of the obstacle like a trailblazing madman. Okay, I'm exaggerating. I moved the frickin' cart out of her way. After thanking me, she was on her way and I got sidetracked by looking at more trimmings before finishing my trek to the counter.

On the way out, I hold the door open for a guy with his hands full, and he wishes me "Happy Holidays". Happy frickin' holidays? "You too", I reply. On my way to the car (by the way Nicky and Kristy, I love my car more than you know, so don't touch it), the wheelchair-lady is getting into her car and wishes me "Happy Holidays". Again, I reply "You too".

Why is everyone resorting to the catch-all phrase "Happy Holidays"? Are you afraid that I may be offended if you wish me a merry Christmas and I happen to be Jewish? I was carrying a Christmas Tree, for Christ's sake! Not only is everyone using this ersatz nicety, but for the past few years, I've noticed a trend in renaming anything that originally had to do with Christmas to something more PC like "Holiday". Example: Christmas Tree=Holiday Tree, Christmas Party=Holiday Party.

Suppose I was Jewish. I go to Johnson's to pick up a Menorah. I move the cart. The lady says "Merry Christmas to you". Do I thank her even though I do not celebrate Christmas, or do I bash her over the head with my "Holiday Candle"?

This whole politically-correct nonsense has gotten out of hand. A Christmas Tree is a flippin' Christmas Tree.

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